Wednesday, 30 April 2014

29 April 2014 - LFoDT Log

Kickstart Week 3 of Freeletics Cardio regime by completing Freeletics - Dione in a new Personal Best (PB) time. 

Despite shaving off about 6 mins from my previous best, completing this workout ain't easier then any of the previous session. That's why I enjoy doing Freeletics as it challenges both physical and the mental strength of a person. 

It's easy just to give up half way while doing any one of the Freeletics workout. Even if I've done that workout many times, I still have the urge to just give up midway. Why go through such a torture? Well I've already set my goals to complete the entire 15 weeks of this regime and I'm going to push through this no matter what!

Btw, here's a video of how Freeletics - Dione is done:

Cheers and LFoDT!

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