Monday, 14 April 2014

13 April 14 - LFoDT Log Day 5


Upper body, shoulders and back muscles are aching like crazy due to the pull-ups which I did yesterday. That's what you get when you work the muscles of the body which have never been worked before.

Also...after much deliberation, I decided to skip the Insanity program and go with Freeletics - Cardio program instead.

What's Freeletics - Cardio program?
Well from the what I've read on the internet, the Freeletics - Cardio program requires 15 weeks to complete and the exercise routine consist of a mixture of different Freeletics program targeting fat loss.

Starting tomorrow, I shall begin with the 1st week program as shown below:

For the first week, there will be 5 days of exercising followed by 2 days of rest. Considering that the Freeletics workout are cardio based, I might throw in some weights workout as well (if I have the extra energy and strength).

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