Thursday, 17 April 2014

17 April 2014 - LFoDT Day 7 till Day 9

Day 7
Completed Freeletics MAX Exercise

  • MAX Burpees Round 1 - 45 reps
  • Rest 5 mins
  • MAX Squat - 120 reps
  • Rest 5 mins
  • MAX Burpees Round 2 - 45 reps
Also added additional 50 pushups just for fun.

Day 8
Completed Freeletics Aphrodite

Time : 37mins 0 seconds

Also an additional 50 pushups to finish off the day.

Aftermath of Aphrodite workout!
Day 9
Rest day for Freeletics, but I took the opportunity to complete a T25 Alpha Cardio Workout with my own office staff. Workout quite a sweat and it's fun to do it with my own office staff. Plus point...I think I got a few of them hooked to T25.

Felt T25 Cardio wasn't enough for day, so I did some light weights training targeting biceps, triceps and shoulder at home. Not forgetting also my daily 50 pushups of course.

After workout protein...yummy!

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