Monday, 28 April 2014

28 April 2014 - LFoDT Log

It's been a while since I last updated LFoDT.

Some achievements to boast about between 20th April 2014 till 28th April 2014:
1. Completed Week 2 of Freeletics - Cardio today!
2. Bested my previous Aphrodite time..PB stands at 32:51 mins on 21st April 2014!
3. Bested my Max Situp...PB stands at 61 reps in 5 mins
4. Completed a 6km run without stopping/walking
5. Starting Week 3 of Freeletics -  Cardio tomorrow!

The bad news is that my weight recently shot up a from 81.7kg to 82.9kg in a week. Few possibilities here:

  1. Scale is faulty
  2. I've put on extra weight due to eating too many meals in a day
  3. Perhaps I have been gaining muscle for I have started weights recently
Well I'll just have to monitor my weight fluctuation and watch my food intake. Will keep you all posted once I find out what caused the weight gain. 

LFoDT everyone! 

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