Saturday, 19 April 2014

19 April 2014 - LFoDT Day 11

Completed my 1st Week of Freeletics Cardio Program! Yes! The last routine for Week 1 was Freeletics Dione.

Completing an exercise as grueling as Dione was extremely appropriate especially after Cheat Day Friday (yesterday).

The one thing I forgot to do was to take down the time needed to complete Dione.

Now here's a pre-workout drink I want to share with everyone:

LFoDT Shake :
Couple of slices of Papaya, 2 small Kiwi, 1 scoop of Yogurt, 2 table spoon of Honey, 1 spoonful of Chia Seeds and Half Cup of Water

Nothing to shout about the taste, however the nutrition value was awesome and provided me with the extra boost to complete the grueling Dione workout.

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