Sunday, 2 August 2015

Reaching Your Limit

Ever felt that you can't do it anymore and you want to stop? Then someone (training partner/trainer) just motivates you and then suddenly you felt that surge to push it! However, how many times can you push yourself? When do you really reach your limit? I know someone once said the sky's the limit but surely you reach the limit at some point then you surpass that limit another day. So how do you know?

After my first Freeletics session that day, I felt a sudden surge of excitement to try out other routines. Hubby suggested Metis which is the "easiest". So there I was, eager to start the next day. Then my daughter decided to stick close and cry several times that night. Panda eyes and super tired, I was still out and about town as I had some errands to run. Also, it was the weekend, my "freedom" day from prison week. So by evening, I was already out of energy from my needy girl and desperate to sleep.

However, my hubby as my motivator and training partner, "pushed" me to exercise instead. He said that if I skip this time, I'll skip the next and the one after that. With these words, I mentally told my tired body to "PUSH" it! So there I was, tired and sleepy, started to do the routine. As I progress through the workout, I realised that I've never done high jump before and didn't know how to do it exactly. It always looked easy when my hubby did it but I just stood there stumped. I asked my hubby to demonstrate but I didn't get it as my brain was already half down from lack of sleep. I tried and I didn't get it right. My knee started to hurt really bad when I did it but I ignored it and scrape through the first 10.

Round 2 of the routine progressed pretty slowly but I continue to push on with my hubby's motivation. Then the high jump came. I still couldn't do it right and I felt like I was at my limit. I was getting more and more agitated and my anger was growing. I started to shout at my hubby to demonstrate to me again and shout further to ask if I'm doing it right yet. I was determined to finish this "EASY" routine and I was not gonna quit! I kept trying but I still didn't get it and then I snapped! I got really, really angry and screamed at my motivator. Eventually, I got it and I pushed myself to finish the 25 reps.

I finished Round 2 but I broke down and cry. I was in pain, I felt upset that I can't do the last round. I felt disappointed and cried like a big baby. My knees hurt, hands felt like it's sprained, muscles ache like I've never felt before. Hubby who pushed me on earlier immediately said, "There's a difference between tired and pain. Stop if it really hurts." I just kept crying and it really hurt. I was regretting that I exercised instead of resting my tired body and sleepy mind. My body and my pride hurt. I didn't finish the "EASY" Metis. I had reached my limit.

So now I know when it is my limit. It's when it hurts. When no matter what anyone says, you just can't do it anymore. I would be in killer mode. If someone asks me to do 1 more, I would kill that person. This session taught me to say no to my training partner. I should have told my hubby I'm much too tired and would injure myself if I do push it. Some of you probably say that I pushed my limit! However, pushing this limit has rendered me to suffer in pain. My daughter suffers too as her beloved caretaker is down and incapable of caring for her.

So next time you intend to push your limit, think of the consequences. Is it worth it? I had reached and pushed my limit but at a cost that I wasn't willing to pay. Having said that, this doesn't mean I've given up. I would make better judgment next time and to push or not to push, that is the question. So continue to LOSE FAT OR DIE TRYING!

PS: I "died" this time. LOL!

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