Saturday, 22 August 2015

3 Ways to identify a Freeletics enthusiast!

Now that my wife, Nicole has been diligently putting up new articles for Lose Fat or Die Trying blog on a daily basis, I thought I should pull my own weight and put up a post as well.

Not sure if this post would be factual or funny, but here goes.....

3 Ways to identify a Freeletics enthusiast!

No. 1 : He or she always carry an exercise mat and a bottle of water
There's a high chance a person that lugs around an exercise mat and a bottle of water to be a Freeletics enthusiast. The best example occurred to me today. My wife and I were walking towards our workout area at the park, carrying our exercise mat and a bottle of water. All of a sudden, a person just approached us and ask are you guys into Freeletics? We were like, hell yeah...come join us. This proves that whenever you see a person carrying a mat and a bottle of water at a park, most likely that person is a Freeletics 'kaki'. 

No. 2 : That person keeps checking the phone every few minutes when working out
Yeap, this is another sure fire way to determine that a person is into Freeletics. Under normal circumstance, most non Freeletics workouts are targeted at finishing respective pre determined routine without any distraction, especially the phone. 

On the other hand, when one does a Freeletics workout, he or she is required to look at his or her phone every couple of minutes. For many onlookers, it does look as though that person is obsessed with the phone more then the workout. So the next time you see someone exercising yet checks the phone regularly during the workout, he or she is likely to be using a Freeletics application while working out.*

But then again, there's a small chance that this person could really, really, really be obsessed with the phone.

*The Freeletics application requires one to tap the phone upon completion of each set of exercise in the workout. Hence the frequent looking at one's phone during workout!

No.3 : Freeletics enthusiast greet each other differently. 
If you want to know if a group of people is doing Freeletics or not, just observe how they greet each other when meeting up and when leaving. Unlike the usual handshake or high fives, Free-athletes greet each other with the "Clap-Clap" gesture.

Here's a video of how Clap-Clap is done:

I can only think of 3 ways to determine if one is into Freeletics or not. How about you? Do you have other ways to identify a free-athlete? Share with us your opinion by posting at the comments below.

Cheers, Stay Fit and most importantly Clap-Clap!

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