Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Big Breakfast

Starting the day right is very important as it's gonna determine if you're gonna be in a foul mood or chirpy like a bird. How it was during the night is one thing, how you gonna start the day is another.

As a mother, recently I had nights of horror whereby my daughter won't sleep but play with me til the wee hours. 3~4 am and I'm awake with matchsticks supporting my eyelids to stay open. It's been difficult to wake up in the morning for me but I still needed to get up to attend to my daughter. YES! She still wakes up early despite the late night!

So there I was, feeling foul and hungry from the long night of empty stomach. For a woman, no sleep and hunger is the worst combination EVER! Luckily, those few mornings, I had my hubby/family to bring me out for breakfast. Normally, if I'm home alone with my gal, I just grab whatever that is in the fridge, eg: scramble eggs or cup of Milo+crackers or cereal with milk. Nothing to shout about and obviously those kind of mornings, I'm super grumpy.

However, the past few mornings have been wonderful. Dimsums for breakfast, a super filling and tasty meal that got me happy and satisfied. Hakka Mee with pork and vege as side dishes. Big American breakfast and unlimited refills of coffee. These meals got me up and going all day long and I was barely hungry during lunch.

Unlike those normal day's breakfast, I snacked less and ate lesser as the day progress. I guess the theory of "Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper" works! I hope this will continue to help me LOSE FAT OR DIE TRYING!

Big American Breakfast
Yummy Dimsums

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