Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Best Workout Time

No, the best workout time is not when you FEEL like it. That's not even what I meant when I typed the title. I meant timing of the day to workout as in morning, afternoon, evening or night.

Most people workout in the evening, normally after work. Their excuse? No time before work. Gotta rush to work due to traffic. I can't wake up early. Now, after work is their best time as it's after work! There's no reason rushing anywhere. Rush hour traffic is crazy so might as well workout in gym.

However, I find that working out after work or in the evening has a set back. If you're single, you probably wanna go out on a date, have a life, etc. If you have a partner, definitely hanging out together. If you're married, well, it's home you go! Now, I'm just being general. Of course, for working folks, there's the OVER TIME, business appointments, etc. So by the time you're finished with all these IMPORTANT things, you're already tired from stress (be it mental or physical) and motivation to workout is probably lesser. Even for SAHM like me, I'm already tired out from handling my child.

My husband has tried all time of the day from early in the morning to midnight and he personally preferred working out in the mornings. For him, he feel refreshed which gives him extra energy to last through the day. Although most people perceive that after a workout, we'll be dead tired and not motivated to work, it's actually otherwise. After exercising, the blood has got our body pumping. Like an engine, already revved up and ready to GO GO GO! He feels energetic after a workout in the morning unlike a workout in the evening puts him into this bear mode.


I'm also more motivated to exercise in the morning. After a night's rest, our body recovers from whatever it is we endured the day before and ready to start again. In the evening, I have this tendency to find an excuse to escape exercising. If not for my hubby's insistence, I would definitely just rush off to cook as an excuse, each and every time. Recently, most of my FEEL for exercising is in the morning. I'm more eager to the idea of workout as mentioned in my recent post. I accepted the idea of the Freeletics challenge straightaway (ok, I did think of weaseling away). I feel so good that I even wanted to go for a nice run to end the day.

Another point of working out in the morning is some have the tendency to eat a big meal after a big workout. Isn't it better to have a BIG BREAKFAST to energise the day than a big dinner/supper before sleep? Which do you think is faster in losing fat?

Try and make that extra effort to workout in the morning. Give it go. Share with me how you feel.

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