Monday, 17 August 2015

I Challenge You!

I'm someone that is easily demotivated. Stuff like sickness, holidays, anything that breaks my routine, it can be difficult to get me started again. So the past few weeks, I've tried to get my workout regime going but I've been sick and injured. Seriously demotivated, I stopped exercising giving the excuse that I'm gonna get sick/injured again. Then a friend of mine that has been exercising, shared this fitness test (Insanity fit test) that got me wondering, "hey, how fit am I?" She didn't exactly challenged me but I felt this competitiveness kicking in. Being the curious cat, I decided to do this workout with my sick hubby. Yea, he was sick but he also wanted to test out his fitness even in this condition.

Here's our result:-

Thanks to her "challenge", I'm somewhat motivated again and it created a spark deep inside. Then my sister's friend saw my blog post and decided to join me on my journey. This really got me going. My blog has motivated her which in turn motivated me! So here I am, up and going again.

We were supposed to start off exercising together but due to unforeseen travelling arrangements, we're 333km apart and here I am thinking, what if we lose the motivation to exercise? My hubby whom has never stopped encouraging me, challenged me this morning, "Hey, do a freeletics routine. Athena would be a good one." I groaned and asked how hard it is. It's 5 rounds of climbers, sit-ups, squats with round 1 at 25 times, rest 25 secs, round 2 at 20 times, rest 20 secs, round 3 at 15 times, rest 15 secs, round 4 at 10 times, rest 10 secs and round 5 at 5 times.

Ok, I've been challenged again so here goes! I did the workout and it was refreshing! Definitely a workout for beginners as I didn't feel breathless unlike insanity fit test. Immediately I thought of my sis and her friend and I challenged them to do this workout! By challenging them, I'm motivating and at the same time bring out the competitiveness in them. I'm thinking if it works for me, surely it will work for others? By the way, I'm also challenging you readers, download the Freeletics app and start!

So challenge yourself today. Challenge your friends. Challenge US even! Let's all LOSE FAT or DIE TRYING!

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