Thursday, 13 August 2015

How do you define "HEALTHY" eating?

This is a question most people ask and get millions of different answers. Then we hear the word eating "CLEAN". Truly, it is a very subjective question and with so many type of diets out there, no doubt it is and can be confusing. Just to name a few, there's the Paleo diet, LCHF (low carbs high fat), Atkins diet and so on. I won't go into details of these diets, instead let me share with you, my idea of eating healthy.

I'm a believer of balance. I believe in slowly cutting out food or stuff that is not good to the body (eg: sugar, salt, oil). I believe in gradual change rather than sudden change that shocks the body. Example, if you are used to eating 2 bowls of rice and you immediately cut out rice from your diet, I foresee a rebound or snacking worse than eating 2 bowls of rice. Currently my diet is eating less carbs, less sugar, less salt, less oil. I do not cut these ingredients out of my body. This diet works for me. I know I can sustain and it suits my lifestyle and body. Let me give a scenario. My MIL has cut out salt and oil in most of her cooking. She does use a little once in a while but more often than not, she's very strict on herself due to her health. She's able to do this as it suits her lifestyle and this is her idea of eating healthy. It may not bode well for me but I don't mind a meal or 2 as I feel it's quite cleansing to the body. I joined a health group that has members practising the LCHF. Honestly, I'm unable to stomach the idea but it has shown results and according to them, it's a good diet for diabetic patients.

What works for me may not work for you and what work for others may not work for me. Choose a diet that you know you can sustain and don't restrict yourself too much. Don't be too hard on yourself but also don't be too lenient on yourself. Balance. Keep track of yourself. Let go once in a while, eat that doughnut, drink that soda, give yourself a treat. With 7 days in a week, I give myself a treat once a week, go out, drink whatever, eat whatever but of course I still have a slight restriction. I still try to eat as healthy as possible. Less carbs still apply, drinks that are less sweet or plain water or coffee (somehow it works to curb hunger so you eat less). I restricted myself to consume fast food once a month. If anymore, it's probably because I have no other better options or it's the only thing I can grab on the go.

All in all, most importantly is cook for yourself. When you cook, you can control what goes in to your body. It's also good for your wallet. :) Here's a few pictures of stuff I cooked for dinner. Some may look fattening but how bad can your own cooking be in comparison with outside food that is laden with MSG, oil and salt? BTW, who said healthy meals can't be yummy? Keep eating healthy and LOSE FAT along the way or DIE TRYING!

 Balance meal: Fruits, Chicken breast meat, vegetables, steam tofu with mushrooms
Steam chicken + stirfry cabbage + mapo tofu
Homemade baked wantan! Not fried. All baked in my little oven.

Homemade burger from scratch! Chicken breast patty, caramelised mushroom+onions.

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