Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Post Exercise Thoughts

Exercise Routines (3 days workout, 1 day rest, 2 days workout, 1 day rest)

Day 1

2 Sets
- 50 jumping jacks
- 20 sit-ups
- 60 climbers
- 60 high knees

Finished with 10 burpees and 2 rounds of 30secs planking

Day 2

3 Sets
- 10 burpees
- 20 squats
- 30 russian twists
- 50 high knees

Day 3

4 Sets
- 50 jumping jacks
- 50 climbers

After thoughts
Day 1 I was full of enthusiasm, I didn't expect myself able to finish it. Day 2, I was aching slightly at the joints. Day 3, I wanted to do abs exercise which I did manage to do 1 set but my abs were aching too much to proceed in which led to the above revised routine.

FYI, most breastfeeding ladies doesn't have their monthly flow and it was the same for me. However, on day 2, my Aunt Flow unexpectedly came and here I was thinking, should I use it as an excuse to not exercise? Would it prevent me from executing any of the moves? It never stopped me before, I don't see why it should now. Surprisingly, there was no muscle cramp or backache like last time. Is it possible that the exercise eased the pain? Possibly the other muscle aches were more painful than the period pains. ;) Now, would I continue or give up after 1 day rest? Continue to follow us to find out!

PS: Starting weight: 56.9kg. Would be weighing once a week as a record. Take note: Low weight doesn't mean fit/slim. I forgot to measure fat% in which I would the next time around. Again, all these are just estimations. Best measurement? Look in the mirror. Also how you feel. Clothes you wear.

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