Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Bout the wifey

As the wife, I've been supportive of my husband's exercise regime. I've been the one promoting healthy lifestyle but right after marriage, with pregnancy and all, slowly some of these things that I preached went down the drain. After months of persuasion from my husband, I've decided to pick up again and also decided to co-write his blog. We felt that a woman's point of view was crucial as our bodies are different. Women have many different things that goes on in their life eg: period, pregnancy and I'm here to share how I tackle these issues.

Currently, I'm a stay-at-home-mother with a 9-months-old baby. I'm exclusively breastfeeding which means I require extra calories to feed my baby. I've been given an idea that breastfeeding burns extra calories so I should eat more to increase or maintain milk supply. The first month after giving birth, I lost the pregnancy weight but the tummy was obviously here to stay. I read that tummy will slim down as I continue to breastfeed. So far, I've had 2 misleading ideas. Simply because as I continue to breastfeed, I grew fatter, waistline wider, tummy is the size of when I was 5 months pregnant! Reason is I've eaten more than the calories burnt and I'm more inactive now than when I was pregnant.

So follow me on my journey, be it up or down and motivate each other to LOSE FAT OR DIE TRYING.

PS: Please excuse my long-windedness. Possibly a woman's thing? :)

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