Saturday, 19 September 2015

Track Your Progress

It's been 2 months since I started exercising but for Freeletics it's only 1 month. However, in this 1 Freeletics month is the one that I've seen the apparent change in myself.

If you remember one of my early posts (read HERE), I took a photo of myself and marked down the weight. I also wrote that I'll keep track of my progress week by week but that didn't happen. I guess 1 week is too short of a time to keep track as back then I didn't feel there was any change. 1 month after I exercise, I still didn't record (lazy & forgot) or felt any changes for this matter. By then hubby told me to really start Freeletics, download the app and exercise together with him, not just exercise anything I like.

I started going into Freeletics and 16 workouts later with some small exercises in between (lazy days), I saw results! The picture on the left is my most recent one. In a month, I lost my belly! Ok, it's actually still there but my pregnant belly is almost gone! For the record, I did not suck in my belly but instead, I tried to push it out and this was the effect! Immediately I felt motivated all over again (yes, I had gone lazy and stopped exercising for 4 days). All because of this before and after photos, only did I noticed the BIG difference!
LEFT: 17/09/2015     RIGHT: 17/08/2015
For the past few days, I've been doing Aphrodite, Metis, Morpheus, DIONE (today) and still no sign of giving up or demotivated. This is simply because I kept standing in front of the mirror every morning and also weighing myself on a daily basis keeping check if any signs of belly coming back to haunt me. I had downloaded an app just to keep track of my weight and body fat %. Current weight is 55.7kg & 29% body fat in comparison to 30 Aug 2015, 57.1kg & 30.3% body fat.

Only now did I realise that keeping track of my progress was so important. It helps to motivate me and it's giving me this feel good vibe. I even bought a shirt that is 1 size smaller to further motivate me. Hopefully in a month's time, I'll be able to wear this shirt COMFORTABLY.

So take a photo once a month and compare the difference. Take a photo every week if you like. Buy a shirt or pants 1 size smaller (or your old clothes from years before) and try it occasionally to see if you've lost any inches. Keep finding ways to motivate yourself and exercise. Let's continue to LOSE FAT or DIE TRYING!

PS: My diet has not changed. I'm still indulging in sweet stuff (cakes, chocolates, etc) once in a while. I'm still cooking 6 days a week. Appetite has grown though, possibly due to the exercise.

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