Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Kick-start Again

I'm gonna be honest. I've stopped exercising. Completely. Why? I can't remember why. Whether it's because I'm lazy/tired/no time or satisfied with my body or I'm such a foodie or all of the above, it's not important. What's important is, I've stopped completely and I'm trying to kick-start the exercise regime again.
Question is how? I've dragged week after week about starting until someone made just one innocent comment. She asked if I'm pregnant again. That was my kick-start. Immediately I started my freeletics again. It was hell. I wondered why did I ever stop exercising in the first place!
I exercised until a point that I felt I wasn't fat so I left it at that. I was also doing more housework so I considered that as "exercising" in other form. I love eating and slowly but surely I gained weight. I didn't realise I'm fat until I tried on my jeans. I was even fatter than my post pregnancy days! What happened?
Well, whatever it was, it's all done and here I am, starting off again. I'm telling you, it sucks. Big time. Don't ever stop. Kick starting is hell. My body ache for several days after one easy session of Athena. Sneezing and coughing hurt so much!
Hubby said it's probably we did it so fast, we couldn't sustain that lifestyle. This time around we're gonna go a bit slower in terms of our eating and exercise regime. Less rigorous but sufficient so we can enjoy food and be slim and healthy at the same time.
If you've also stopped exercising, let's kick-start together. Support and motivate and I'm sure we'll be fit again. Maybe not immediately this time but we'll get there. Like Freeletics new motto: Earned. Not given.

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