Tuesday, 14 October 2014

10km Run Progress

One year ago, I ran my very first 10km run together with my wife and sis in law. I weigh about 80+ kg and was also a smoker then. I finished the run in 1 hour 38 mins and 51 secs, ranked 2171 out of 3395 runners!

I told my wife that I will never attempt something like this again as I could barely walk the next day!

Fast forward to the present day, I finished my second 10km run via BSN Putrajaya Night Run. Weighing in at 69 kg and smoke free, I was able to finish the 10km run in a respectable 1 hour 8mins and 21 secs, ranking 250 out of 1563 runners.

Did I train for the run?

Nope. All it took was #Freeletics

Dare to try?

Freeletics improved my fitness!

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