Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Benefits of FREELETICS, My Personal Experience

I've been doing Freeletics for the past 18 weeks completing the 15 week cardio program and now in my 4th week of the cardio+strength program. Choosing the Freeletics program was one of the best decision I've made in my journey towards building a healthy and fit body.

Here are some of the benefits and changes I've gone through since I started Freeletics

1. Improved Stamina 
This was the most significant benefit I've experienced while doing the cardio program. I put this to the test by going for runs, completing 12km and 15km (something which I've not done before) at a time that I would consider good for a beginner runner.

In fact, I felt that I could go on and on (no difficulty in breathing) if not for the cramps I was feeling ( I read that this was caused by lack of minerals).

The point is, after I started Freeletics, I had no breathing difficulty while running 5km or 12km or even 15km (in other words improved stamina). This was of course in stark contrast a 10km run I did last year when I was totally fat and unfit. Not only was I suffering from pains and cramps, I had difficulty breathing throughout the run.

2. Weight Loss and Body Fat Reduction
This is another significant improvement that I'm experiencing. Just take a look at my transformation photo after completing the 15 week Freeletics Cardio program:

3. Improved Mental Toughness
Freeletics is a workout that challenges both your physical and mental strength. Many times especially during the first few weeks where I felt my body could not go any further and I wanted to give up on the program. There are also times where I feel so tired from the previous day workout that I was thinking for sure I would not be able to complete the workout for today. Yet, what kept me going was pure willpower and mental strength. 

Over the span of 15 weeks, I felt the improvement in my mental strength as I completed each workout. My mental strength grew and as so was my confidence in facing the challenges thrown to me each week. Ultimately, I realized that Freeletics was not only a program to get fit. It was also program of self discovery and helping one to start believing that nothing..I repeat nothing is truly impossible!

4. Minimal to Zero Injury
I used to love running a lot and I put in lots of mileage to stay fit during my mid twenties. I ran for 1 to 2 hours daily at that time and I lost weight in the process. The problem with running long distance was injuries. Perhaps it was the wrong shoes or it could be due to improper running gait. Whatever the reason was, I was in pain both from muscle soreness and joint pains. Sometimes I could barely walk and had to take a day or two away from work to recover. Eventually the pain and injuries just got too frequent that I decided to give up running. From that point onward, everything related to my health started to spiral downwards.

I wasn't until recently, at the age of 32 that I started to pick up exercising again. Stumbling upon Freeletics was the best thing ever. The workouts were intense yet only range between 5min to 40 mins. Despite putting my body to the test during the workout, it was not prolonged therefore reducing my exposure to injuries. 

In addition, following the correct posture of doing each exercise helped in preventing unwanted stress to my body. In short, I had enjoyed an intense workout with little or no risk of injury. Doing Freeletics is not about endurance (such as what running was to me). I see Freeletics as an efficient and effective use of my body to build an even better body.

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